AeroThrust is the largest independent low-cost MRO provider in the United States for the JT8D series engines.

We offer customized work scopes based on the Pratt & Whitney Maintenance Planning Guide for modular level inspection, check & repair modifications, and heavy maintenance on the Standard JT8D and the JT8D-200 engines.

Our goal is to provide our customers with outstanding quality,
low-cost pricing and highly competitive turn-around-times
on the engine we have been producing for over 40 years.

Experienced Staff

AeroThrust has a full-time Engineering Department with an FAA Approved DER on staff. Our MRO services are supported by a well-trained and highly experienced staff of engineers, production managers and mechanics, who are dedicated to overseeing the production of high quality engines.

Spare Engine Solutions

Need a Spare Engine?

AeroThrust is able to arrange a spare engine lease for you while your engine is off-wing..

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