AeroThrust sells high-quality engine piece parts for the JT8D and CFM56 series engine.

All parts are FAA certified and traceable and overhauled to meet stringent quality standards which often exceed those of the OEM.

Our goal is to provide our customers with outstanding quality, low-cost pricing and highly competitive turn-around-times on the engine we have been producing for over 40 years.

In House Rapair Capabilities

AeroThrust is approved by the FAA for maintenance on all engine piece parts and modules for the CFM56-3/5/7 as well as the JT8D Standard and -200 engines, in accordance with approved operational specifications.
High Speed Grinding
Heat Treating
Grit Blasting
Plating (Nickel, Chrome, Silver and Cadmium)
Full NDT (FPI, MPI, Ultransonic, Eddy Current)
Plasma Spray

Piece Part Repair/Overhaul

AeroThrust services the CFM56 and JT8D engine piece parts. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality parts repair at competitive prices and with outstanding turn-around-times.

Contact Information

Phone numbers:
(O) 786-441-2603
(F) 786-441-2622
Sales Team Leader:
Kristoffer Palacios
(C) 786-352-2512